AMFAS’ founding management team brings together decades of industrial manufacturing and engineering experience that they gained through tenure at Stanley Black & Decker, Tyco, Amphenol, and ABB Thomas & Betts. AMFAS began by offering precision tooling for tough technology driven applications.  AMFAS' focus was on plastic injection molds, progressive stamping dies and diecast tooling.   Whether it was for components requiring +/-.001" tolerances, high output 100+ cavity stack molds or high precision dies to stamp electronic connectors, AMFAS offered a full range of tools to work with most utilized materials.  Making easily transferred quality engineered tooling available to world-class manufacturing facilities anywhere on the planet remains a core competency and fundamental capability of AMFAS.  As we expanded, many of our customers preferred that we provide production off these same tools.  Over time, we ventured into many processes within some of the most demanding industries, but our focus remained to offer value by making components in quality orientated centers located throughout the world.  

With Engineering and Quality Management resources located throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, AMFAS began offering cost-effective fabrication solutions through globalized supply chains that had become an absolute requisite for American OEM’s to be competitive.  Taiwan and its developing neighbors, most obviously China, became a resource pool that offered not just cost savings, but solutions for technical challenges.  Lower labor costs, material costs, and overhead costs provide a competitive edge for the fabrication of virtually any component.  AMFAS provides the manpower and experience needed to make engineered fabricated metal and plastic components. We function as a virtual factory, an extension of our customers’ project engineering, quality assurance, purchasing, and production resources.  AMFAS’ goal is to industrialize our customers’ products, and to quickly deliver the lowest cost possible.