AMFAS has built high quality tooling used for injection molding, diecasting, and progressive stamping dies.  Our engineers are very familiar with the design and construction of each type of tooling.  This familiarity gives our sources the ability and incentive to build quality tools when they are contracted to produce parts from those tools.  AMFAS will also guarantee every tool for the life of the program (with few exceptions) so that our customers do not incur ongoing tooling, or repair charges which are difficult to assess/verify.   

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In instances when tooling is shipped to a customer's location, AMFAS will manage the project and keep the customer notified at each major milestone.  The tooling design and detail will be fully vetted and defined before any manufacturing begins.  As major sections are completed, we will provide photos to demostrate progress.  First shots and First Article Inspection Reports are provided for customer review and acceptance.  The tool is then vacuum wrapped, and secured in a wooden crate for shipment.  Like most freight we ship, AMFAS arranges for all shipping including customs, and duties to insure the shipment arrives at the customer's location. 

AMFAS understands that the tooling often dictates the quality of the parts produced, and that a poor quality tool will be problematic for many years. We take great effort to insure the quality of tooling for both our production and yours!