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AMFAS helps our customers to not over, or under engineer and source a product. AMFAS has helped a broad range of customers with products used in industrial applications to improve growth, governance, and exceed key performance indicators by using a targeted, individualized approach to manufacturing that is uniquely tailored to precisely the right industry and application.AMFAS is ISO 9001 registered, and excels at matching industry-proven solutions with your company’s distinct needs and areas of opportunity.

AMFAS is positioned to help customers reduce their cost of goods with world-class manufacturer centers that utilize the right tools and fabrication resources best suited to your products' niche volume and quality requirements. AMFAS has been able to grow by ruducing supply base, project management yielding a faster speed to market, and methodical quality planning. With technical engineering support, AMFAS helps customers design, engineer, industrialize, and initiate new projects, making improvements to legacy component value.