AMFAS' engineers integrate the management of third party suppliers with virtual manufacturing of higher level components and sub-assemblies. We have developed an extensive network of best value fabrication centers to supply virtually any component.  In our Capabilities section we list many of the processes and manufacturing capabilities that we have developed and qualified since the company's inception.  We continue to expand these capabilities and processes as we find cost effective and innovative solutions using our technical abilities. 

We view ourselves as an extension of our customer's value proposition, augmenting their engineering, quality assurance, and purchasing resources.  Today's companies are very cost conscientious, and often do not have the manpower to rapidly industrialize their component designs.  Without those resources, even the largest companies are often segmented into smaller divisions without those resources, and their offshore entities only target the largest opportunities.  AMFAS uses the collective buying power of all of our customers to secure the best cost and value for the products we supply.  As an extension of our customers' resource, we own the process and the components that we provide.  

Our local personnel in Asia and the Americas perform all vetting and supplier qualifications.  AMFAS personnel performs all quoting, certification, part qualification, first article inspection, quality plans, and tooling development etc.  AMFAS also continues to be the customer's proxy through the order process to ensure product is delivered on-time, with the expected quality level, and with proper documentation.   AMFAS routinely does all the required importation, shipping, and customs clearance to deliver the product to our customer's facilities.  We have warehouses in several locations; we will even stock the product locally as needed.

We recognize that making the product is only the first step in helping our customers realize the benefit of using AMFAS to fabricate products.  As an ISO certified company, we audit and qualify all of our sources so our customer doesn't need to.  We provide the logistics to deliver the product to the customer.  Most importantly, we are there to resolve any problems that periodically arise whether its delivery, quality, or technical issues.